Panic attacks normally occur when individuals experience an overwhelming feeling of anxiety. They tend to happen suddenly and can sometimes leave the individual confused about what has caused them.

In this article we share 5 tips on how to cope with a panic attack. Different ways work for different people so it’s important to try and find the right one for you.

1. Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises can help you to feel calmer. Try repeatedly breathing in deeply (to your stomach) and breathing out slowly ensuring, your out breath is longer than your in breath.

2. Listen to music

Choose a style of music that you find calming and listen to it to see if this helps you feel calmer.

3. Join a support group

Talking to others that experience panic attacks is a good way to discover ways to cope and to share your own experiences.

4. Shift your focus

Moving your focus to something else such as an article in a magazine, a book or a picture and really focusing on the detail of it can help you to focus on something else reducing the feelings you get when experiencing a panic attack.

5. Keep a diary

Keeping a diary of when your panic attacks occur can help you to start understanding what triggers them.
This list is by no means exhaustive but does provide some tips on different ways individuals cope with panic attacks.

If you or, someone you know would like some support take a look at our Resources and Help.