There are many things that can cause stress many of which are associated to change and a lack of control over what is happening. Causes of stress can include:
moving house
getting married
having a baby

Stress can also be caused by long term-difficult circumstances such as:
relationship problems
bad housing

So with these outlining just some of the causes this article will share some tips on dealing with stress.

Understand what triggers your stress - You can think about what you can stop doing or change to help manage the triggers better.

Sort out your worries - Split them into those you can do something about (either now or soon) and those you can’t

Get organized - Make a list and tackle one thing at a time. Make sure you mix up dull tasks with interesting ones

Take a regular break - If you feel things are getting on top of you take some time out – get a hot drink, glass of water or take a stroll

List your achievements - When you do something your proud of write it down whether it be everyday tasks or something else. Then read this list when you need a boost

These are just a few tips to help deal with stress and stressful situations.
Find out more about Wellbeing to understand how you can manage ongoing stress.