Black Poetry Day is celebrated on October 17th each year.

Below are two poems shared by Mind in the City, Hackney and Waltham Forest clients.

I am the greatest

Who said that?

I think he is a legend

Or a dead ringer


The Black face

I have a dream

Who thought that?

A man for the people

Of infinite peace


My heroine

I was caged like her bird

Who wrote that ?

A woman on a gilded stage


A seat check

Who rode Wells Fargo

A woman for equal justice

I was born into


Black friends

I never actually knew

It does not matter what they insinuate

Their deeds inspire black and white recorded

I am the fastest

Karim Harvey


Black Lives Matter

But why does it Matter ?

Because I Matter

My Neighbours Matter and You Matter

We ALL Matter

From a Black Woman Whose Life Matters