In line with the launch of our recent ‘Pause' this article provides 5 ideas for how you can take time to ‘Pause’ and improve your mental wellbeing.


  1. Take time to stop and listen – taking time during your day to look around, or close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you gives you time to think. Mindfulness techniques such as this can you feel calmer and more in the moment.
  2. Recall happy memories – whether it be a park on a sunny day, or by the beach imagine you are in the place that makes you happy then think of the sounds and smells around you and how you feel. This is a great technique to unwind and relax.
  3. Active relaxation – for many gentle relaxation including yoga, or a stroll in the fresh air provides an opportunity to unwind your body and mind, not only that but exercise releases ‘feel good’ hormones which can help reduce depression and anxiety.
  4. Breathe and relax – Keeping the pace slow and regular and gently breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Then slowly tense and relax the muscles in your body working from your toes to your head. When complete take time to be still and focus on how your body feels.
  5. Keep notes – when you do something you are proud of make sure you write it down, it can be everyday tasks or something else. When you get time take a look through the list to remind yourself of all the great things you have achieved.


In our next article we will look at the benefits that taking time to ‘Pause’ can have on an individual's wellbeing.

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