Here at City and Hackney Mind, we are passionate about empowering people with mental health problems in all walks of life. With two months until the next general election, we are launching a brand new campaign, Have Your Say, in partnership with Single Homeless Project (SHP), to encourage the democratic participation of vulnerable and excluded people.

Our campaign will encourage the democratic participation of vulnerable or marginalised people, to have a say on who will make the political decisions for the country over the next five years. 

By supporting people to register to vote, we aim to increase the number of people with mental health problems having their opinions counted on key issues. The results of elections have a substantial impact on our lives, in areas such as welfare reform, education, health care and housing.

Last summer the process of registering to vote changed, meaning that anyone who has moved house since June 2010 will have to individually register on the new system. The process takes about five minutes. 

Throughout March and April we will be running a series of workshops and events, including weekly voter registration drop-ins where people can register online. These will be held at our premises on Tudor Road every Wednesday from 12.00-1.00pm from 18th March until 15th April. If you want to find out more, email us at [email protected]

There is strong evidence that those who are socially and economically excluded are also less likely to turn out to vote. The decisions that politicians make affect us all – in the case of vulnerable people, perhaps even more so – and so we aim to empower as many clients as possible to have their say on May 7

Liz Rutherford, Chief Executive of Single Homeless Project

If you’d like to register to vote, just go to