City and Hackney Mind undertook a year-long programme of consultation with LGBT clients, staff and services around the specific needs and accessibility issues faced by people from LGBT communities within health and social care systems in Hackney. 

The following infographic utilises the findings of City and Hackney Mind’s recent research into the LGBT experience of healthcare:  ‘Barriers to accessing health & social care for LGBT communities in Hackney’. The research was commissioned by Healthwatch Hackney, carried out on behalf of City and Hackney Mind by Dr. Francesca Ammaturo, Goldsmiths, University of London and edited by Philippa de Lacy and Hana Villar, City and Hackney Mind.

This infographic provides just a small insight into the reports findings. 

City and Hackney Mind’s research project found a lack of targeted services for LGBT people, and reported discrimination, homophobia or insensitive behaviour from frontline staff in a health and/or social care setting, leaving service users feeling embarrassed or alienated. 

Participants have stressed the importance of countering assumptions made by healthcare professionals which hinder disclosure of sensitive information relating to one's health and represent a clear obstacle in accessing healthcare services. Contributors to this body of research have indicated the importance of having healthcare professionals who are informed on a range of different issues concerning the healthcare needs of the LGBT population, particularly in relation to ‘misgendering’ and the understanding of non-binary gender identities.

Significantly, only 12.5% of those who reported having been subjected to discrimination in healthcare settings made a formal complaint about the episode, while the remaining 87.5% did not file any formal complaint to report an instance of discrimination. 

While the report has sought to bring to the forefront the existence of gaps and limitations in the ways in which healthcare professional in Hackney address the specific healthcare needs of the LGBT population, there are also instances reported by respondents in which the level of care has been satisfactory or exceeded the expectations of the patients.

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