Earlier this year, City and Hackney Mind launched the Mind Recovery College, a centre to empower those with experience of mental ill-health with skills to support themselves and others in recovery.

Our vision for the college is for those who have experienced mental ill health to be meaningfully engaged as ‘Experts by Experience’, to help individuals develop the skills to manage their own mental health and to achieve their own personal goals.

Our experts by experience attend an 8-week peer leadership training course and graduate to become Recovery Champions. All Recovery Champions have experienced their own journey in recovery, and help to build the curriculum and run classes alongside City and Hackney Mind staff. The Champions are able to share direct mental health experience as role models, mentoring individuals and supporting them to build skills within the community.

Peer support is essential I feel, because we’re experts by experience and we understand the logistics of what’s going on [in recovery].

Kareem Reynolds, City and Hackney Mind Hearing Voices Group Facilitator

A range of courses and sessions are co-designed and co-delivered by Recovery Champions and practitioners. This enables a collaboration of different perspectives and sharing of knowledge.

Courses at City and Hackney Mind Recovery College include:

• Mindfulness for Recovery
• Introduction to Hearing Voices
• Voices Within
• Understanding Relationships and Recovery
• Spirituality and Recovery

The College seeks to increase self-management, social inclusion and self-belief for those in all stages of their recovery, as well as reducing stigma and reliance on crisis services.

You can read more about recovery here, or if you'd like to enrol in the college, please make a referral.