We are offering a range of specialist services for people aged 50 years old and over in the Hackney and City of London area! Three brand new courses are soon to start as part of the City and Hackney Wellbeing Network, and City and Hackney Mind has also published a briefing on relevant local services, exploring the unmet needs of older people, who may experience particular challenges in managing their mental health and wellbeing.

Wellbeing Groups for older people

Memory and Wellbeing
A group for people over 50 years old to meet together to socialise. This includes playing card and board games, singing and other activities. This group is open, inclusive and suitable for all levels.

Life Begins at 50 Group
A group for building new friendships and dealing with loss. Not only will participants go on exciting theatre visits and tearoom dancing trips, but the service will also help with volunteering opportunities, financial planning, and much more.

Friendships and Wellbeing Therapeutic Group
A support group for older people suffering from depression and stress.

For more information, please call our referral line on 0208 525 2301, or email [email protected]

‘Mental Health and Older People: Promoting Services Based on Need Not Age’

We recently launched a briefing drawing from the Hackney Council Mental Health Needs Assessment (2014) in order to raise awareness of the mental health needs of older people in Hackney and the City of London. We want to promote change and improve services for this often marginalised group. We hope that the briefing will be a useful source for organisations and groups working for older people to evidence need and raise resources to improve the wellbeing and overall quality of life for this group.

Factors such as being divorced, widowed or retired, along with the physical impairments and neurobiological changes related to aging, dramatically increase the potential of isolation and loneliness. … I feel that much more needs to be done on a national level to raise awareness as well as encouraging a comprehensive co-ordinated approach from a large array of services that are supporting older people.
Shane Collings, Psychotherapist - City and Hackney Mind and One Hackney

If you would like a hard copy of the briefing, please email our Communications Team on [email protected]