"I suffer from bad anxiety and depression. Sometimes the anxiety is crippling, leading to agoraphobia. I was seeing a counsellor called Kevin at Mind in Hackney. Near the end of my sessions, Kevin noticed that I lacked confidence and found it difficult being around too many people - hence being off work for the last 4 years. Kevin suggested that I did a computer course here at Mind as there would be very few people in the room, it was local to my home and I would not be penalised for taking a day off if I was having a bad day. He also said that being around different people would build my confidence, and that it would be good to put on my CV.

"I am enjoying the course so far. The small group of people get on and rely on each other for support. As I am quite a nuturing person and worked on computers in a bank for 11 years it's nice to be able to help as much as I can. I get a real sense of satisfaction when a fellow student thanks me for my help or even just tells me how excited they are at completing an assignment by themselves. If they see me excited for them, it gives them a boost which is always a good thing.

"So far, I have had really good feedback from my tutor and fellow students which has helped build my confidence a little bit. I still have a long way to go in order to get back to being comfortable around lots of people, however these small courses at Mind are really beneficial for people like me - thank you so much."

*Name and photo identity have been changed.