"Following a GP referral I found myself at Mind in Hackney. I had 15 counselling sessions which helped me to take a look at life going on around me and take tentative steps towards it. My counsellor, Jane, told me that I would one day experience 'hope' again. At that time I thought it would take a miracle as I had lost my faith along with everything else.

"Services at Mind have been vital to understanding the ongoing impact that the trauma has had on me.

"I want to return to work and engage more fully with the world. I look forward to rebuilding my career. Michelle [an employment specialist at Mind in Hackney] is instrumental in helping me to do this. Without her support, I would hide behind procrastination, anxiety and at times sheer terror.

"I continue to see Jane and am closer to reclaiming my life. Not as it was before the trauma but somehow richer for the difficult experiences and the healing along the way."

*Name and photo identity have been changed.