We are excited to launch an innovative psychotherapy and counselling service that will help support our charity by directly reinvesting fees back into our essential community services.

E9 Therapy is a brand new counselling and psychotherapy service staffed by qualified, trained therapists who have been checked and assessed to be working to the highest professional, clinical and ethical standards by Mind CHWF.

One-third of the £60 sessional fee goes directly back into funding the vast range of services Mind CHWF provides within Hackney and the surrounding area. With an increasing demand for services and recent funding and budget cuts, E9 Therapy will play a vital role in helping us to maintain our life-saving services and secure our future.

Psychotherapist and Manager of E9 Therapy Ben Spray comments, “It can be really difficult to choose a therapist when you decide that you would like some counselling. By seeing one of the therapists at E9 Therapy you can not only be assured that you are working with a qualified professional approved by Mind CHWF, but you also know that the money you spend on sessions will help fund the work that Mind does in Hackney and the surrounding area.”

More information can be found on the E9 Therapy website here.

Please contact Ben Spray on 0208 525 2309 or email [email protected] if interested.