As part of our Take a Pause campaign, we've produced a set of five business cards, each with a separate mindfulness exercise. We'll be releasing one for each day of Mental Health Awareness Week (11th-15th May) to launch Take a Pause.

Day 1: Pause. Breathe. Reconnect.

Download the first card here:PauseBreatheReconnect_1.pdf

Day 2: Pause

Download the second card here:PauseBreatheReconnect_2.pdf

Day 3: Breathe

Download the third card here:PauseBreatheReconnect_3.pdf

Day 4: Reconnect

Download the fourth card here:PauseBreatheReconnect_4.pdf

Day 5: Pause, Breathe, Reconnect wherever you are

Download the final card here: PauseBreatheReconnect_5.pdf